Inventor builds a giant treadmill on the stairs of his home 3 years ago

Inventor builds a giant treadmill on the stairs of his home

Ever dreamed of creating your own home gym? One YouTube inventor took that wish to the extreme

With the weather currently a cold and snowy mess, the benefits of a home workout have never been greater. One Youtube personality in particular must have had that in mind with a recent treadmill innovation.


Inventor Colin Furze, who regularly uploads videos of his quirky creations, turned the stairs in his home into a giant treadmill.

Furze claims the staircase treadmill is a worthwhile invention for anyone who has become bored with their current exercise regime.


The inventor is certainly on to something, as achieving your fitness goals owes more to consistency and sticking to a plan than it does the specific kind of cardio you're performing.

Furze was eager to see whether this invention actually worked, so he tried it out for himself. With a steep incline, it looks a mean piece of equipment. It actually resembles a station from Gladiators - and those guys were machines.

The Youtuber also put his staircase treadmill to the test by calling on 'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks.


There's no doubt you could get a solid cardio session in on one of these machines. Whether they catch on in the long term is another thing, though.

A quick workout before bed wouldn't go amiss, but the treadmill would look slightly less welcoming if you were ill and trying to head to bed to sleep it off.

If the treadmill isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to include cardio in your routine:

  • Kettlebells
  • Exercise/watt bike
  • Bodyweight circuits
  • Hill sprints
  • Versa climber
  • Swimming
  • Team sports

You would do well to turn your staircase into a giant kettlebell, however.

In terms of the best home gyms, very little comes close to Mark Wahlberg's pad. Granted, the guy is a multi-millionaire, but he's put that money to good use - as you can see from his recent workout with James Corden.

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