Hugh Jackman is in beast mode to get in shape for Wolverine 3 5 years ago

Hugh Jackman is in beast mode to get in shape for Wolverine 3

It's probably going to be the last time we see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

The Australian actor has played the badass X-Men character for 16 years but insists he's hanging up his adamantium claws after the new Wolverine 3.


But the 47-year-old isn't going to go gentle into that good night. He's raging against the dying of the light as he prepares for his final outing as Wolverine

Jackman has always been in incredible shape whenever he has stepped up to play the character.

But it looks like he's giving it his all for his X-Men swansong. Jackman is in full beast mode to prepare for the film which is slated for a 2017 release.

He has been hitting the gym in New Orleans where shooting was taking place for the X-Men spin-off movie.


It's clear that Jackman hasn't lost any of that drive and intensity which saw him finally break into the 1,000lbs club last year with a huge deadlift.

The actor ticked off a massive 410lb deadlift to add to a 355lb squat and 235lb bench press he posseses - totalling 1,000lb.

His British trainer David Kingsbury revealed that it wasn't until recently that Jackman took up strength training.

Kingsbury introduced some heavy, low rep compound lifts to his training programme to pack on muscle for the original Wolverine film.


Now he does a mixture of super heavy sets, between 1 and 5 reps, which primes his body to do more work on higher reps at lower weights. These two different approaches work to bring two different forms of muscle hypertrophy, according to Kingsbury.

You know with his incredible work rate and motivation that's he's going to be crazy ripped and muscular when the film hits the big screen next year.

Jackman explained at Comic Con that the film will focus on the 'Old Man Logan' story arc from the comics, with the film being set half a century in the future with Wolverine dragged back into service.


If the Aussie star does finally call it quits from playing Wolverine, he has hinted he could hand the role to Tom Hardy.

If you've ever seen Hardy in the films Bronson or Warrior, you'll know we have another beast on our hands.


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