Can you beat us at the Hang Out At Home challenge? 6 months ago

Can you beat us at the Hang Out At Home challenge?

If you're not hanging out at home, you should be

With the current restrictions in place all across the United Kingdom, you should - apart from when doing your daily exercise and retrieving essential groceries from the shop - be hanging out at home.

Unless you're a key worker, there's no excuse for not doing what we all dream we could do more when life is normal: chilling out. Right now, all you need to do is chill out. Chill out away from other people that don't live with you. Chill out better than you've ever chilled out in your life.

But chilling out at home doesn't mean that you can't stay a little active and test your strength and endurance. That's why we are challenging you to try out the Hang Out At Home challenge.

The task is simple - but surprisingly tough: hang onto a bar or a level object and see how long you can hold your weight for. We've tried, but now it's your turn. Send us your efforts and let us know how you got on.