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Fitness & Health

03rd Mar 2020

Brutal farm workout will push you to your limits

Alex Roberts

If you work out, you’ve probably worked out in a gym

People tend to work out in gyms because everything they need to work out is there. That’s why they are gyms.

But for some people the neon lights, loud music and queuing to use a machine that still has sweat all over it is all a little too much to bear, and they need to try something new.

Thankfully for them there is a place where you can avoid the big crowds and non-stop techno, and that place is Farm Fitness, the gym which is situated on a farm in Essex.

We travelled to the outdoor gym to meet its founder, Tom, and find out why just how difficult and refreshing it is to work out outside and how you can get an amazing workout without all the high-tech machines you see at your local gym.