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07th Aug 2020

Everything Britain’s strongest man eats on his 7000 calorie diet

Adam Bishop is Britain's Strongest Man. But you don't reach that level of success with training alone. It takes eating - and a lot of it.

Alex Roberts

He puts away around 7000 calories a day

Adam Bishop is Britain’s Strongest Man. But you don’t reach that level of success with training alone. It takes eating – and a lot of it.

Bishop shared what he eats on a typical day in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

He eats six meals a day. This tends to comprise of two shakes, two snacks and two traditional meals.

When prepping for a competition, Bishop ups the ante to put on weight. This may involve wolfing down ice-cream post-workout.

While the bulk of Bishop’s meals are based around foods of a high nutritional value, he certainly doesn’t follow a bodybuilding-style diet.

There are no signs of plain chicken, broccoli and brown rice on this plan. That stuff is boring, anyway – even if you’re looking to get lean.

In order to pack on enough size for a strongman competition, Bishop incorporates more calorie-dense foods into his daily diet. He admits this may strike you as being unhealthy, or resembling junk food.

Calories are the main focus when it comes to Bishop’s diet plan. You may think two shakes, two snacks and two meals sounds doable. Until you hear what’s in them.

We aren’t talking a single scoop of low calorie whey isolate. Adam’s mass gainer shakes alone contain 1100 calories, and he has them with whole milk rather than water.

Shakes are a convenient way of drip-feeding calories into the body, regardless of your individual goal. Bishop’s day job is Strength & Conditioning Coach at Harlequins, one of the country’s top rugby clubs.

Putting the likes of Danny Care and Kyle Sinckler through their paces is a tough task, which makes sitting down to eat meals difficult. This is where the supps come in handy.

Britain’s Strongest Man Adam Bishop in his day job as Harlequins strength and conditioning coach. (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images for Harlequins)

Britain’s Strongest Man: The Daily Diet

  • 9am: meal one is homemade banana bread, topped with peanut butter (900 calories)
  • 11:30am: Z1 mass gainer shake with whole milk (1100 calories)
  • 3:30pm: salmon with cous cous, feta, olive oil and veg (1300 calories)
  • 4:30pm: banana bread with peanut butter (900 calories)
  • Post-training: 250 grams vanilla ice cream (665 calories)
  • 8pm: beef stew with dumplings and basmati rice (1100 calories)
  • 10pm: Z1 mass gainer shake with whole milk (1100 calories)
  • TOTAL: 7065 calories

Bishop was crowned Britain’s Strongest Man earlier this year, beating brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman to the title. Despite weighing over 300 pounds, Bishop still considers himself one of the sport’s ‘smaller’ guys.