Aircraft engineer sheds 30 kilos on sensational weight loss journey 9 months ago

Aircraft engineer sheds 30 kilos on sensational weight loss journey

An aircraft engineer from Lincolnshire shed over five stone in a sensational weight loss transformation

Mark Kaberry weighed 113kg at his heaviest, but has since turned his life around, becoming healthier and happier.

Now a much leaner 85kg, the 34-year-old admits he was spurred on to lose weight by his kids after going through a traumatic break-up.

Kaberry's struggles were originally rooted in childhood. He says:

"When I was bigger, I had times in the street where people would make fun of me for being larger, or laugh, giving me a sense of shame and that someone was always watching."

His weight gain continued into adulthood, where it reached upwards of 110kg.  

"A few years back, and at my worst, I weighed roughly 112kgs (17.5 stone) and was wearing size 42-44 inch trousers and XXL tops.

"I had always done some kind of training, thinking I knew best and never worrying what I was putting inside my body, which can only be described as a poor excuse for nutrition at the time."

Holidays abroad were a difficult time for Kaberry.

"I would always go on holiday with my partner and would only ever remove my shirt to go swimming. I hated removing my tops just in case someone judged me."

Kaberry split with his then partner, after which his weight rose to over 18 stone.

After realising his children were beginning to mirror his eating patterns, Kaberry realised a change was needed.

"It was when I started seeing my kids eat unhealthily I realised I needed to be the one that stopped treating them to take-aways and start taking my own diet seriously to set an example."

He began an exercise programme but it lacked structure and guidance. A plateau was inevitable.

"I got to that point that I’m sure everybody hits when training - the wall.  I couldn’t seem to make any progress no matter what I was doing."

The catalyst for change was right around the corner, and it was the gateway to the life Kaberry had always wanted.

"It wasn’t until a colleague of mine came out to where I was working that they introduced me to the LDN Muscle Cutting Guide."

Determined to see the definition he desired but unable to let go of old habits, Kaberry still struggled to get the results he wanted.

He soon acknowledged that long-term weight loss required 100% effort and consistency to his plan.

As the results began to take hold, the father-of-two noticed the positive influence it had even had on his kids.

"These guides have given me and my boys some amazing ideas on how to make alternatives to the treats we used to buy-in."

His sons were his main source of inspiration, helping Kaberry stay on course throughout his transformation.

"The main reason I decided to get things right was seeing my kids on the weekend.

"Nobody wants to be that Dad that doesn't let their kids have treats.

"We now make more home-cooked meals, which the boys absolutely love. They also join in with my workouts, which seems testament to how inspiring the weight training guides can be."

Kaberry managed to successfully shed the pounds, looking and feeling leaner at around 82kgs. He's since set about adding lean muscle mass.

Mark's daily diet


  • Alpen with semi-skimmed milk


  • Meal prepped Quorn mince/pieces with brown rice in a Thai sauce or a variation of this with different sauces
  • Marinated chicken with rice and salad


  • Rump steak or venison grill steaks, boiled egg white, salad and brown rice


  • Overnight oats with Skyr yoghurt and fruit
  • Whey protein shake
  • Banana or tinned tuna
  • Salted peanuts or homemade protein cookies

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