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21st Oct 2019

Bear Grylls praises the youngsters fighting for the future of the world

Wayne Farry

The former SAS serviceman discussed the impact that climate change has had on areas he’s visited

Recent climate protests throughout the world have been notable for one particular feature; the growing number of young people present at demonstrations.

Increasingly, parents of young children and the children themselves are recognising the fact that if climate change is not confronted and change implemented as soon as humanly possible, it will be the future generations who are left to pick up the pieces and live in a world that grows more inhospitable by the day.

JOE sat down with Bear Grylls, the television star, adventurer, environmentalist and former SAS serviceman to discuss the impact he has seen from climate change on locations across the world, and his admiration for the teenagers and children fighting for the future of our planet.

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