Zlatan Ibrahimović biopic movie to be released in 2021 11 months ago

Zlatan Ibrahimović biopic movie to be released in 2021

Filming has already begun

I'm never sure what to make of Zlatan Ibrahimović. On the one hand, he is a nauseating, arrogant character whose tendency to refer to himself in the third person and compare himself to a lion undoes a lot of the goodwill I might have for his sporting achievements. But on the other, he is a unique footballer whose will to win and dedication to his craft has seen him collect league titles in numerous countries and continue his dominance well into his late 30s, despite a knee injury that would have ended many players' careers. It's difficult to figure out whether I like him or not. But I do have a certain respect for his achievements.


I suspect that after watching 'I Am Zlatan', I will have a clearer picture of him as a person and a player.

Filming for the biopic has already begun and is set for release in autumn 2021.

The Swedish striker has been involved in the script writing for the feature film, in collaboration with Jakob Beckman and David Lagercrantz, who wrote the player's autobiography.

Two actors will play Zlatan throughout different stages of his life, Dominic Bajraktari Andersson (from 11 to 13 years old) and Granit Rushiti (from 17 to 23 years old).

Lucky Red have secured the rights for the movie in Italy, where he has spent most of his playing career.

Andrea Occhipinti of Lucky Red said: “Ibrahimovic is much more than a footballer: he is a pure leader, a legendary icon, a way of being that belongs only to him and that cannot be replicated.


“The story of this myth contemporary that in Italy has found its highest consecration, could only become a great story for cinema.”