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03rd Aug 2016

Matt Damon couldn’t be happier to see James Corden get the living crap beaten out of him

That's going to sting in the morning

Paul Moore

Lots of people might enjoy this.

Jason Bourne has been beating-up the competition at the box-office; the fourth instalment of the spy saga has already earned over £60m in the US alone. Yep, Matt Damon’s most famous character seems completely indestructible, which is not something that can be said about James Corden, judging by this clip.

Damon is probably the best guest that any chat show host could ever ask for and he was happy to tickle ribs and break bones during his recent spot on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Being the supremely nice guy that he is, Damon was more than happy to let the Carpool Karaoke comedian join in during the latest ‘shoots’ for Jason Bourne.

Well, we say nice, but his agenda in the amusing video seemed to involve somehow knocking off the English host so he wouldn’t have to guest on his show. Corden on the other hand was under the impression that he was destined for a Hollywood action movie role, and this was his big chance.

It’s just a shame that the Oscar winner didn’t inform Corden that he would be getting punched in the face, thrown off a roof and smacked by a train. The life of a stunt double is no walk in the park. 

Take a look.