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14th Dec 2016

WATCH: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a new trailer and hardcore fans will adore it

Paul Moore

No words are needed.


Listen up dickwads. Every jabroni from here to Philadelphia will know that the gang are coming back with a brand new season on January 4th, go suck a boner if you haven’t seen the original trailers here and here, but some new footage has just been released and it’s one for the hardcore fans.

Without even a single word being spoken, we were able to ascertain all of the following.

Dee has embraced her inner Maureen Ponderosa and “gone full-cat”, Charlie’s butt dance is back, Mac has perfected his karate moves, Dennis NEVER burned the duster (why would he?) and Dee’s dance moves still look like one of those goddamn inflatable dancing men.

All this without even mentioning an appearance from Dana White.

The golden god implores you to watch this.