Vin Diesel wants to do a Fast & Furious musical 2 months ago

Vin Diesel wants to do a Fast & Furious musical

Imagine: the film opens up with a high-speed car chase; as the product placement vehicle drifts past the camera, Vin Diesel leans through the window to sing Jonas Blue's 'Fast Car'

Vin Diesel is really bleeding the Fast and Furious franchise for everything it's worth. Unpopular opinion, but no one needs nine films where the premise is solely "Let's drive fast, and the plot can just be whatever". But next up on the bucket list, a Fast and the Furious musical.


Usually, films that are turned into musicals carry some cultural relevance. Stephen King's Carrie, Heathers, and even Mean Girls were enormous pillars of their time, hence why the musicals perform so well.

But the Fast and the Furious franchise has been on the decline for years now. The first three films were revolutionary, offering a unique outlook on illegal street races and the family element of the community. But, ever since the series became centred around espionage, heists, and Jason Statham's sex appeal, reviews have been on the decline.

Appearing on the Kelly Clarkson show, Diesel had the following to say:

“For the longest time, I thought the Nathan Detroit role in Guys and Dolls would be a very interesting one to revamp, the one that Frank Sinatra played in Guys and Dolls.”

“My family is artistic, and I’m blessed to have that, and I’m blessed to be in a family that is supportive of these crazy dreams. I would encourage everyone to support the people who want to think outside the box and dream something impossible because there’s great beauty in that.”


Though Fast and the Furious seems to have bled the action genre dry, why not jump to other themes entirely. Why stop at musicals? A Fast and Furious anime could slap, as could a horror movie where the cars become possessed with demons. Though the franchise's future is confusing, it's clear it will be consistent in the film industry for the rest of our lives.