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24th Dec 2015

VIDEO: This is still the greatest football/Christmas mashup of all time

Nooruddean Choudry

It’s that time of year when we’re all bombarded with Christmas songs.

The radio, highstreet stores and even work spaces are wall-to-wall Mariah and Slade. Even if you enjoy these festive ditties, they start to grate very quickly.

But for us at least, there’s one Crimbo song that reigns supreme – the Karim Benzema Christmas Song.

It’s basically a redoing of José Feliciano’s classic 1970 hit, ‘Feliz Navidad’, which was famously covered by Boney M in 1981. Except this version replaces the title line with ‘Karim Benzema’.

If that sounds odd, it’s just the start of it. There’s are distinctly Real Madrid theme to the video, with Bernabeu old boys Jose Mourinho, Mesut Ozil, Pepe, Angel Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo accompanying our hero.

Of course these days dear old Karim is mired in all sorts of sex video scandals, but let’s relive a simpler time – and the oddest most brilliant ode to Nöel ever…