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09th Apr 2016

This Game Of Thrones sneak peak might drop a massive clue about the plot of the new series

Paul Moore

This could be an, ahem, Game-changer.

Irish actor Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos in Game Of Thrones, was on Conan O’Brien’s show in the US, and the interview was accompanied by a new clip from the upcoming season.

Skip forward to the 1:50 mark and you’ll get an extended glimpse of a scene that’s teased in the trailer for Season 6 – Ser Davos standing over the dead body of Jon Snow, as he draws his sword.

Fans already know that the first episode of Season 6 is titled ‘The Red Woman’ (implying that Melisandre is prominent), but we’re left wondering why Ser Davos – a reasonable, honourable, and noble knight – would be prepared to draw his sword, fight, and potentially die to protect the deceased corpse of Jon Snow.

Game Of Thrones fans will know that all dead members of the Night’s Watch are usually burned on a pyre, so why would Ser Davos and his allies be willing to shed blood while guarding Jon Snow’s corpse from the mutinous members of the Night’s Watch and their leader, Ser Alliser Thorne?

Mmm, why indeed?