Uh oh, Eminem is now in charge of his own Twitter account 5 months ago

Uh oh, Eminem is now in charge of his own Twitter account

Would the real Slim Shady please stand up.

For years Eminem's Twitter account has been monitored and looked after by a third party, his manager Paul Rosenberg for the most part, but the rapper has finally decided to take his destiny into his own hands and is now the sole manager of his official Twitter account.

In a video that surfaced on Instagram in the early hours of this morning Eminem is confronted by Rosenberg when he sees the rapper on his phone. Asking him what he's doing, Em replies: "I'm on Twitter. I'm taking control of my own Twitter now."

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And straight off the rip Eminem hopped on Twitter and posted his first tweet which read:


Known for his venomous lyrical capabilities perhaps we're now in for some incredible social media content that might include scathing disses, battle tweets, replies to his many Stans, and a few hilarious tweets aimed at Donald Trump. All we can do is watch, hope and wait.

You can follow Eminem on Twitter here.