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08th Mar 2021

Trailer shows Bridget Jones’s Diary reimagined as a chilling horror flick


bridget jones shaming

This is Bridget Jones, as you’ve never seen it before

When you think of the Bridget Jones film franchise, you probably think of some lighthearted tales of a single woman, trying to navigate her way through the world of work and romance.

The films resonated with people who saw examples of the reality of being a single woman in her 30s, but more than that, many women saw examples of the everyday stigma that is attached to being single.

With that in mind, the trailer for the film has been reimagined as a chilling horror, rather than the jovial rom-com it was.

A study of women in the UK and US found that 58 percent believe there is a stigma attached to being single in 2021.

So this International Women’s Day, use #ChoosetoChallenge to challenge the lazy cultural tropes responsible for this feeling of shame.

And that’s where Bridget Jones’s Shaming comes in. Using clips from the film, a trailer has been created which retells the famous ‘spinster’ tale, with the focus instead on the number of times in the film that the protagonist is made to feel bad for being single.

The Bridget Test – a new way of measuring whether a work of fiction single shames its female characters or not – has also been launched. Try it here: