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22nd Sep 2016

21 times Homer Simpson completely summed up being a man

“I’ve figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of traveling acrobats."

Rich Cooper

1. When you weren’t paying attention:

paying attention


2. When you try to put flat pack stuff together:

bbq pit


3. When you have a shitty job:

half assed


4. When you try out giving up the good stuff:



5. When you go to a public event:

ass of myself


6. When you’re wrong but won’t admit it:



7. When you and your brain have to work together:

killing you with beer


8. When you come to terms with existence:

flanders dead


9. When you realise how expensive kids are:

three money


10. When you have to deal with your responsibilities:

eight hours tv


11. When you have to go somewhere you don’t want to:

back here


12. When your well of wisdom has no bottom:

never try


13. When you consider your lineage:

children future


14. When you try (and fail) to understand women:

nothings wrong


15. When you’re facing a challenge in life:

hard to do


16. When the weekend is actually the weekend:

fake saturdays


17. When shit starts to go down:



18. When you look back on your achievements:



19. When you get into middle age:

get funky


20. When you toast your best friend:

to alcohol


21. When anyone ever asks where you’ve been:


Okay, that one’s only there because it’s the funniest thing Homer ever said, but don’t act like you weren’t just out buying pornography yourself.

Thanks to Frinkiac for the stills.


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