This Time with Alan Partridge series two confirmed for April 30 9 months ago

This Time with Alan Partridge series two confirmed for April 30

Alan Partridge is back, AHA!

Following the success of the first series, This Time with Alan Partridge is returning for a second series on BBC One on April 30. The show is a parody of daytime TV and current affairs programmes such The One Show, Good Morning Britain and so on, with


Partridge last featured in the Audible exclusive podcast, From the Oasthouse last year, but he hasn't made a TV appearance since This Time's debut series in 2019. The new season was confirmed in a tweet from the BBC Press Office's account:

Alan Partridge - created by Armando Ianucci and Steve Coogan - has been around for the better part of 30 years now and Coogan's portrayal of the socially cumbersome and cripplingly awkward radio and TV presenter is one of Britain's most iconic characters.

This Time may not have had the same fervent fandom as when Partridge was at the peak of his powers during the Knowing Me, Knowing You, or I'm Alan Partridge years, but it hit all of the same agonising, toe-curlingly uncomfortable comedic notes. The washing your hands after going to the toilet seen is up there with his best.

We spoke to Coogan back in February 2020, ahead of the release of his film, Greed - he spoke about future Partridge projects between other roles back then and it This Time season two is just that. You can watch the full thing down below.


We could have chosen any number of memes from his time on Radio Norwich, celebrating Britain in the landmark mockumentary, Scissored Isle, or being the unlikely action hero of Alpha Papa. However, we've gone for a simple classic we think he'd approve of...

"Back of the net!"