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05th Jan 2017

This guy used a bizarre Peter Andre-based plot to try to get a date

We have so many questions.


Let’s begin with a quick multiple choice question.

You’re chatting to someone and want to ask them out. Do you:

a) Just go for it. Why not be more confident – new year, new you, right?

b) Find some common ground, keep chatting for a bit longer and ask them a little later on?

c) Tell them that Peter Andre is your uncle (NB. Peter Andre is not your uncle)?

photo credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

If you’re still reading, you’ve probably worked out that someone went for the third option.

Now, lying about being related to Peter Andre is only ever likely to lead to further questions. Questions which you’re unlikely to be able to answer. You know, because – and let us stress this point – you are not related to Peter Andre.

This genius/fool was undeterred, however. Simply get a mate to pretend to be Peter Andre – what could possibly go wrong?

The mate in question, Charlie Henshall, shared the conversation with his buddy during which the plan was hatched.

Now, if you were expecting anything more complex than “Mate, can you pretend to be Peter Andre?”/”Why?”/”Reasons”/”Yeah sure” then you might be out of luck.

Unlike the man in question, we’re not the types to promise something we can’t deliver.