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27th Dec 2016

This guy tested all the traps from Home Alone to see if you could actually survive them

We've all thought about this while watching Home Alone.

Alan Loughnane

Spoiler alert: It would hurt. A lot.

Home Alone is up there as one of our favourite Christmas movies ever, and we don’t want to spoil it for you by making you think about it all logically about the intricacies of the traps but…

You can’t deny the fact that at some stage while watching Harry and Marv getting hit in the face with tins of paint, you’ve thought, ‘No way, that would kill you if it happened’.

Although, you pushed those pesky sensible thoughts deep down in your mind so as not to ruin what was surely a favourite childhood film of yours.

But now here we are… about to ruin it for you anyway.

Video via Vsauce3

YouTuber Jake Roper put together this video where he tested out the traps Kevin laid out for Marv and Harry throughout the McAllister home.

The results were mixed but it was hugely interesting to see what kind of damage would be sustained, after all our years of wondering.