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24th Jun 2015

The new Spiderman has been revealed – and he’s impossibly young looking


Goodbye Andrew Garfield…

It’s official, the next Spiderman has been revealed and it is to be Tom Holland, a youthful 19-year old, known for starring in The Impossible.

Holland is the third person to don the spandex suit for the mammoth role in the past nine years with the film set to be released in July 2017.

People can expect a younger, more fresh-faced Spiderman as the franchise want to focus on Peter Parker’s school years.

The movie is being directed by Jon Watts, an independent film director who most recently directed Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

A fresh-faced actor and an independent director, there’s definitely a different approachbeing taken to this one.

Things could get interesting…