The Game of Thrones scene that could prove to be absolutely vital 4 years ago

The Game of Thrones scene that could prove to be absolutely vital

Very, very interesting.

Much like the Long Night, spoilers are coming.


With Season 7 entering its final stages, the great war is approaching in Westeros as Jon Snow continues to do his very best to convince Daenerys that the Long Night is coming and the Night King's army is on the move.

Will she accept his advice that failure to battle the White Walkers will see her 'ruling over a graveyard'?


From the season trailer, we know that the King in the North will be fighting beyond the Wall at some point this season and his mission will undoubtedly be helped by that plentiful supply of dragon glass that he has received from the caves of Dragonstone.

We still have all of this action to look forward to.

A recent theory though has argued that Jon might actually have some help in this fight from Daenerys and it stems form a very intriguing vision that she had at The House of the Undying in Qarth.


You might remember that in that scene, we see Dany stroll through the King's Landing throne room as snow falls through the roof that's destroyed. In this moment, it's clear that winter has come to Westeros but as Daenerys  approaches the Iron Throne, she tellingly refuses to touch it.

The next shot is of her walking through the gates at Castle Black and heading beyond the Wall. Her sight is obscured by the kind of blizzard that always accompanies the White Walkers.

In the present timeline of the show, Daenerys' bid to take the Iron Throne has seen her adopt a more measured approach - aside from the fiery carnage that she unleashed during 'the Loot Train' massacre - because as Jon Snow said "if you use them (her dragons) to melt castles and burn cities, you're not different. You're just more of the same."

Team Dany hasn't waged an all out war on King's Landing just yet, and this theory argues a reason why.


The King in the North is doing his very best to convince the squabbling houses in Westeros that their feud for the Iron Throne is meaningless when compared to the Night King, but this theory has argued that Dany will ultimately come around to Jon's way of thinking and support his campaign beyond the Wall.

In what's a clever bit of foreshadowing - much like the vision - Dany will halt her bid for the Iron Throne and go north of the Wall. Granted, we don't see Daenerys' burning ambition to defeat Cersei fading away because as she has frequently said, she's 'born to rule the Seven Kingdoms', but her campaign might take a slight detour.

After all, she has said “I will fight for the north. When you (Jon) bend the knee." If this theory proves to be correct, will we be seeing a dragon, or maybe even Daenerys beyond the Wall?

The final part of this theory about Daenerys' vision is particularly morbid because it argues the point that she'll die.

The next episode can't come  quickly enough.


Here's the vision in full.

Clip and via - V DeWitt and Reddit