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11th Mar 2016

VIDEO: The Chuckle Brothers Are Worryingly Good At Thinking Like A Hitman

Oh dear oh dear

Matt Tate

A video of The Chuckle Brothers ordering cold-blooded assassinations will cast a dark shadow on your childhood memories.

To celebrate the launch of Hitman, IO Interactive set up a live action recreation of the game, and put Barry and Paul Chuckle in the driving seat for what could be the most brilliantly warped thing we’ve seen all year.

The duo are instructed to take out a Serbian arms dealer, but they’re committed to ensuring that as few lives as possible are spared along the way.

At one point in the slapstick massacre, they genuinely tell Agent 47 to take line up a shot ‘between the eyes’ when aiming his trademark silenced pistol.

evil chuckle brothers

Do not begin your weekend without hearing them apply their legendary “To me, to you” catchphrase applied to wickedly garrotting an innocent man investigating a burning shed.

Just remember that you’ll never be able to look at the Chuckle Brothers in the same way again.