The Bill set to return to TV with three original cast members 'in talks' 2 months ago

The Bill set to return to TV with three original cast members 'in talks'

The classic cop drama could be set to return to our screens

Police drama The Bill looks set for a revival after writers acquired the original rights to the much-loved show. With two new series lined up and three original cast members rumoured to be returning, negotiations are apparently in progress with channels who may be interested in airing the show.


According to the Sun, the new series will be called 'Sun Hill' after the police station in the original show, and will see the return of cast members Graham Cole, Trudie Goodwin and Mark Wingett as PC Tony Stamp, Sgt June Ackland and DC Jim Carver.

Head of the project, Simon Sansome, has reportedly already got a script ready for the reboot, and is working with EastEnders writer and Holby City creator Tony McHale in getting the show back on British screens.

A source told the Sun: "The project started picking up pace last year after the cast got together to mark ten years since the show last aired.

"Simon started investigating the rights and managed to acquire them. Three of the best known stars are in talks and he's hopeful he can get them on board. Tony has seen the script and they hope they can get him signed up too.


"They're in constant contact and the project has begun to move on quickly. There's a couple of channels interested in bringing back what is such a well-loved story."

First broadcast in 1984, The Bill ran for 26 years before being cancelled by ITV in 2010, and remains one of the most successful shows in British television history.

According to the source, the show may see the characters of Carver, Stamp and Ackland appearing as consultants who help a new group of officers, adding that "like the original, it'll be hard-hitting but also with a nice tone the family could enjoy."

Of course, it will also be a welcome return for one of the all-time great TV theme tunes.

Stone. Cold. Classic.