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04th Apr 2015

Stunning GoPro footage that shows just how real Furious 7 stunts are

Don't try this at home...

Nooruddean Choudry

If you ever wondered how much of the high-octane adventures in the Fast and Furious movies was real, this stunning behind-the-scenes footage dispels all doubts as to the authenticity of the breathtaking stunts.

The awe-inspiring video is exactly the kind of thing that GoPro was invented for, as cameras both within the vehicles and filming from outside record dramatic rushes in amazing quality.

The video was shot exclusively using GoPro HERO, and showcases both the technical brilliance of the cameras and the remarkable skill and planning involved in the making of the franchise.

Furious 7 is now showing at a cinema near you. Go see it but please drive safety. We worry about you.