Rockstar's latest Red Dead Redemption teaser shows off seven very bad cowboys 5 years ago

Rockstar's latest Red Dead Redemption teaser shows off seven very bad cowboys

First they teased a new logo scheme; now they tease the world.

Rockstar Games continue to set the video gaming world alight this week, and all its taking is a few tweets.


On Sunday afternoon, a new colour scheme on their social media accounts hinted that the game developers could be working on a new game in the Red Dead franchise.

Now, Rockstar seem to have dispelled all doubt. Whatever they are cooking up, its going to involve cowboys.


Seven of them to be specific.

That numbering is really important as it gives us further hints as to what may be coming.

Anyone who's played the original Red Dead Redemption (which should be all of us, as it's probably one of the best games to come out in the last 10 years), will remember that hero John Marston was trying to atone for his sins running around in Dutch's gang, a group that was five people.


So this image most likely rules out a Dutch/Marston-based prequel.

What could it mean?

Well as gaming writer Sean Cleaver pointed out, the clue could be held in the date Rockstar shared the image.

On the 17th October 1835, the first resolution formally creating the Texas Rangers was approved. The Texas Rangers were one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in American tradition, so Rockstar could be hinting a game set during their formation.


If this is true, it means that Red Dead Redemption 2 (yes we know about the PS2 Red Dead game, stop being persnickety) won't be a direct sequel since the events of Red Dead Redemption apparently took place in 1911.

Could seven cowboys be a riff on the Magnificent Seven, hinting at a push to online gaming?

Only time will tell. All we know is, Rockstar need to drop a trailer for this new project, and sharpish.

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