People are obsessed with Netflix's new sci-fi show, Stranger Things 6 years ago

People are obsessed with Netflix's new sci-fi show, Stranger Things

Love The X-Files and The Goonies? Then watch this...

Netflix's latest original show Stranger Things has fast become the internet's binge show of choice, thanks to its impressive mix of dark gothic sci-fi and believable, small-town American characters.


A love letter to the supernatural and coming of age classics of the '80s such as The Lost Boys, The Goonies and Stand By Me; Stranger Things tells the story of a young boy who vanishes into thin air.

As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl.

Without giving too much away, the Winona Ryder-led show is a real treat for fans of classic adventure stories that contain an element of darkness and danger to them.


People have been utterly captivated by it.



It's also picking up no small amount of praise from a number of storytellers the show is paying homage too.

When STEPHEN KING is saying you've nailed a good horror coming of age story, you know you've nailed it.


And when Guillermo "I perfected this in Pan's Labyrinth" Del Toro is saying your show is good, then it's fair to say you've earned a watch.

Add it to your next Netflix queue. Swap it between episodes of new Bojack Horseman and you won't be disappointed.

Here's a taste of what's in store on Netflix UK & Ireland.

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