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29th Jun 2018

People are freaking out over Dani and Jack being separated on Love Island

Don't do it Jack

Wayne Farry

The modern day Romeo and Juliet

Hopefully not, but Dani and Jack have been the best and most settled couple in this year’s season of Love Island.

They have been very contented, very settled and extremely compatible during their time in the villa, and many of us had assumed that they would be together forever or, at the very least, together until the end of the show.

Well, things may be about to change as Love Island has introduced a bit of a shake up to proceedings. For you see, since Thursday night, the boys and girls on Love Island have been separated, with the boys moving villa and the girls traumaat staying at home.

The boys, in their new surroundings, have seen five new girls enter the villa, while the girls have been joined by a number of new boys in the regular villa.

Now, while we’ve all been traumatised by this move, but no one more than those who are keen on Dani and Jack who, as you will see, are gutted over their separation.


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