Patrick J Adams responds to Piers Morgan leaving GMB in typical fashion 7 months ago

Patrick J Adams responds to Piers Morgan leaving GMB in typical fashion

"There are plenty of bridges for him to find work under."

These were the fantastically succinct words with which Patrick J Adams, the Suits actor who starred alongside Meghan Markle during her time on the show, addressed Piers Morgan's departure from Good Morning Britain.


In a short but sweet tweet, the actor wrote: "Cry not for @piersmorgan - there are plenty of bridges for him to find work under. Sincerely, the 'jumped up twerp'."

The sign-off is in reference to a clash that Adams and Morgan had last week in regards to comments that the actor had made about the Royal Family's treatment of Markle. He described how him and Markle had "spent the better part of a decade working together" and that he had watched in astonishment over the past few years as she tried to "find her place in a family dynamic that can at best be described as complicated and at worst, seemingly archaic and toxic."

Adams characterised her treatment as "endless racist, slanderous, click-baiting vitriol" and that "this newest chapter and it’s timing is just another stunning example of the shamelessness of a institution that has outlived its relevance, is way overdrawn on credibility and apparently bankrupt of decency."

This clearly rubbed Piers up the wrong way, as he hit out at the comments, responding: "Actually, what’s 'OBSCENE' is your friend trashing her husband’s family on global TV as the Queen’s 99-yr-old husband lies in hospital. How dare you attack our Royal Family like this, you jumped-up little twerp.’

Of course, Piers Morgan began Tuesday hy storming off the GMB set live on air, before then becoming the subject of an Ofcom investigation into his comments that he didn't believe any of Meghan's claims of mental health struggles, and finally he announced that he would be stepping down from the show.

So it's probably fair to say that, as Piers searches for vacancies under bridges (or GB News), Patrick J Adams has had the last laugh with his scathing tweet. Maybe do us all a favour, and stay away from social media for a bit, yeah Piers?