Ozark season four part one drops on Netflix today 3 months ago

Ozark season four part one drops on Netflix today

This will be the show's final season

Part one of Ozark's fourth and final season premiers on Netflix today - and once again, we're launched into a world of crime, family - and of course - more Jason Bateman.


Warning: *Spoilers ahead*

Season three concluded when crime boss Omar Navarro, (Felix Solis), shot and killed the cartel's attorney Helen Pierce, a character who had appeared for the past two seasons.

Bits of Helen were scattered across Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Byrde, leading to the climactic statement of "Today is our beginning" from Navarro.


With family bonds held together by a single thread - and violence around every corner - there are a lot of explosive moments yet to unfold for the Byrd family in season four.

The internet is already buzzing with excitement, with one Twitter user writing: "Sorry, I can't hang out this weekend, season 4 of Ozark comes out."


In reply, another said: "Facts ima buy a big ass much and takeaway and binge watch it."

Ozark actor Kevin L. Johnson, who plays Sam Dermody, told the Express that he accidentally found out about Helen's death.

Ozark Sam Dermody was jailed in Season 3/Via Netflix

"I accidentally found out about that moment when chatting with another cast member after we wrapped season," he said.

"I had completely forgotten that conversation though when I saw that moment in the show! Surprised the hell out of me!

"It was in the script though. I just refused to read them."

This season will be split into two parts but it was announced that season four would be Ozark's final run - meaning there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.


Asked about the possibility of a spin-off, Johnson said: "Good question. I think it sounds like a cool idea. If the fans want it then I'm sure Netflix will have something to think about. You never know."

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