New romcom savagely mocked for 'terrible' Irish accents 2 months ago

New romcom savagely mocked for 'terrible' Irish accents

'Der's got to be more to Oireland, dan dis'

Say hello to Wild Mountain Thyme. A movie about some land, some love, and some accents that sound like nothing you've ever heard in your life. The film that takes the 'top o' the mornin' Irish, whacks it up to 11, and leaves a load of Americans to do the rest.

Starring Emily Blunt, Jon Hamm, Jamie Dornan, and actual Christopher Walken, the movie tells the story of Anthony, a farmer working under the belittling hand of his father who is threatening to leave the farm to his distant American cousin.

Then there's the love interest. Her name is Rosemary, and she's desperate for Anthony's attention, to start a family, and inevitably sing a traditional Irish folk song that no one has ever heard of.

Wild Mountain Thyme is directed by John Patrick Shanley, an American playwright who has based the film off one of his own Broadway works.

An Academy Award winner, Shanley is clearly hoping to bring some of his romantic playwright expertise to Ireland, giving a little something back to a country that - according to the trailer - is simultaneously stuck in the 1840s while also having access to egg freezing services.

A brief glance at the trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme leaves more questions than it answers.

What year is this? What century is this? Why is Christopher Walken speaking that way? How is his accent the best out of the lot, including that of Jamie Dornan - someone actually from Ireland?

The answers to these queries we may never get, but one thing is for certain: people cannot wrap their heads around the accents involved, and just how wrong they are. And the film is getting a lot of grief online.

Wild Mountain Thyme is due for release in cinemas this December.

You can check out the full trailer below: