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14th Sep 2015

Members of the public told the original iPhone is the 6s and they can’t stop praising it (Video)

Lie phone...

Nooruddean Choudry

Well this is awkward.

Following Apple’s announcement that they are bringing out a new iPhone – the 6s – less than a year since the last one, Jimmy Kimmel decided to carry out an experiment.

Armed with the first generation iPhone, which is now eight years old, he asked members of the public what they thought of the model – pretending it was the brand new handset.

The feedback is hilarious, with the clueless passers-by praising the size, display, speed and design of the ‘new’ phone – even suggesting it’s a clear upgrade to the last iPhone 6.

Although it’s fun watching these bozos falling for the prank, it perhaps says less about them and more of how Apple have brainwashed us into believing that every new model is a must-have…