People have accused Matt Hancock of fake crying on Good Morning Britain 1 year ago

People have accused Matt Hancock of fake crying on Good Morning Britain

In his defence, some people do look like they're pissing themselves laughing when they cry

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning, as the very first Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out to the most vulnerable in the United Kingdom.


Earlier this morning, 90-year-old Enniskillen-native Margaret Keenan became the first person in the world to receive a fully tested and approved coronavirus vaccine, and Hancock appeared on GMB as the second person to receive, named William Shakespeare, was shown speaking of his delight at receiving it.

Sitting in a studio in Westminster, presumably so he is kept as far away from the actual physical roll out of the vaccine as possible, the camera cuts back to Hancock, who at first appears to be laughing while rubbing his eyes.

"There's so much work that's gone into this, and it makes you proud to be British," said Hancock, quickly recovering his composure.


Now, far be it from us to accuse someone as empathetic and genuine as a Tory health minister of faking tears, because that is Twitter's job, and a lot of people aren't buying it, with many pointing out the notable lack of actual tears on display.


Regardless of the authenticity of Hancock's tears, December 8 represents a momentous day for both the United Kingdom and the world, with the roll out of the coronavirus vaccine just over a year after the first cases were confirmed in Wuhan, China.


The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine begins with older adults in care homes and their carers, followed by all those over 80 years of age, and frontline and social care workers.