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26th Jun 2018

Love Island’s boys set to move into villa with five new girls in huge shake up

The girls will not be happy about this

Wayne Farry

We weren’t expecting this

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and that the contestants of Love Island will remain in the villa until the time comes when they choose to leave or are eliminated by either a public vote or by their fellow contestants.

Well folks, get ready to have your entire world view shaken to its very core, because news has emerged that the men inside of the house will be moving out of the villa and move into a separate residence.

In that separate residence they will find no less than five new women who are set to enter the show.

The shake up will likely test some of the show’s more solid couples, with the new villa – which is located next door to the villa we have come to know and love like our own home – hosting a number of new contestants, with some believed to be the ex-girlfriends of some of the show’s men.

It’s unknown as of now if new boys will be entering the current villa, as happened in recent series.


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