Line of Duty star fronts new Cluedo game in which lying is rewarded 1 month ago

Line of Duty star fronts new Cluedo game in which lying is rewarded

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You have to lie to get to the truth...

A brand new Cluedo game has just launched in the UK - and one of Britain's best known TV detectives has been the first to test it out.

Cluedo Liars Edition is a brand new twist on the classic murder mystery board game.

Line of Duty star Martin Compston put his investigative skills to the test in a new video to support the launch of 'Cluedo Liars', a fresh and innovative twist on the classic whodunnit board game.

In the clip, Line of Duty star Compston is seen staring at a complex web of clues in what appears to be a police investigation room – only to reveal, in a comical plot twist, that he is in fact taking the game of Cluedo a little too seriously.

The opening scene shows the TV detective pacing around an evidence board, claiming: "I know they're lying. One of you did it. It doesn't make any sense".

As the story unfolds, you see pieces of evidence peppered with classic references – from important case files kept in the kitchen, iconic Cluedo character 'Miss Scarlet' being ruled out as a potential suspect and subtle nods to the Scottish actor's best-known on-screen roles.

Colonel Mustard was unavailable for comment.

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What is Cluedo Liars?

Sometimes you have to lie to get to the truth - and that's certainly the case with the Cluedo Liars Edition board game.

  • You'll use investigation cards to help you figure out who killed Dr. Black in the mansion
  • You pick a card and read it out loud. Remember to play it cool so as to convince other players you are telling the truth …even if you're not
  • If someone suspects you are lying - or you suspect someone else is lying - you can call that player out by hitting the Liar Button. Then you'll find out if they were telling the truth, or lying through their teeth
  • Either way, an Evidence card is revealed and players move one step closer to cracking the case
  • When a player is ready to make an accusation, they secretly look at the cards placed inside the case file envelope to reveal Who, What, and Where
  • A correct accusation wins the game

Where can I get Cluedo Liars?

The Cluedo Liars Edition Game from Hasbro Gaming is available now to buy from Smyth’s, Argos, Amazon and all good major retailers for SRP: £22.00.

Purchase yours here