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07th Jun 2022

Love Island viewers in hysterics after new contestant thought Elton John was two people


Elt and John Love Island

Oh, mate…

This year’s Love Island has barely just started and we’ve already had one of the most memorable gaffes in recent years thanks to new-boy Liam Llewellyn.

After being paired up with Gemma Owen (daughter of ex-footballer Michael Owen) on this season’s opening episode, the 20-year-old Welshman revealed a number of tickling personal revelations in his opening VT, one of which involved Elton John – or should we say, Elt and John.

As you can see, beyond explaining his befuddlement that raisins are simply dried grapes (this is definitely the first time some of you are hearing this too, admit it), Liam revealed that he “thought Elton John was two blokes for 20 years” – which also suggests he was listening to him since the age of two.

He went on to explain that he had always believed that familiar showbiz name was “Elt and John” just like two other British icons, “Ant and Dec”. Needless to say, most of the audience were just as confused as, apparently, he was:

Understandably, as the now-viral moment hit screens across the UK, social media was flooded with people spamming laughing emojis and stunned by the naive Newport native.

As you can see, not only did the audience find it very funny, but their reactions were just as amusing:

Having been paired up following the initial vote, many viewers also took amusement in the idea of Gemma’s dad being sat at home, watching that moment and thinking about the possibility of his daughter bringing home her new beau.

Don’t worry, Michael, it’s very rare that day-one couples are still together at the end.

The second episode of Love Island 2022 airs at 9pm tonight (Tuesday, June 7) and by the looks of things, Liam’s time in the villa is going to provide plenty of giggles.

Regardless of what happens for the rest of the season, it’s fair to say that this vintage Love Island moment will be stuck in our heads for a long time too and we may just have the birth of a meme on our hands.

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