JOE's Weekly Cheat Sheet #2: Trainers and Tricksters 5 years ago

JOE's Weekly Cheat Sheet #2: Trainers and Tricksters

Something everyone will be talking about...


A rare film series that gets better with every series, the big bad people are back for third Purge film - The Purge: Election Year.

Where the first Purge film was a decent home invasion film and the second a fun bit of dystopian fan-fiction, this time around The Purge takes on politics as our Punisher themed Frank Grillo character tries his best to protect a Presidential candidate from some very bad dudes.

At one point in this film someone complains about their "Purge Insurance" - get ready for an ace bit of dumb, crispy fun.

Something that'll make you (seem) cooler...


Those trusty trainers that have lasted you the past year are due an upgrade, so allow us to introduce you to your new Nike themed best friend: The Nike Roshe Two.


Boasting a new flyknit upper and a white phylon sole, somehow Nike have found a way to make Roshes even more lightweight and comfortable.

They're out on Thursday. We fancy a pair in red ourselves.

Something you should listen to this week...

Dua Lipa

London singer-songwriter Dua Lipa only makes bangers. She tore up the dancefloor earlier this summer with "Hotter Than Hell" and now she's back with new song "Blow Your Mind".


Her debut album is out in February; expect to hear a lot more of her in the coming months.

Something that'll change your life...


Cover your kicks. Seriously. There's no point buying nice trainers only to batter them on your first wear.


A good stain repellent can be the difference between wearing a pair of trainers for three years, or having them give up the ghost after three months. Brands like Crep Protect and Jason Markk's make excellent sprays that protect your trainers.

Never cry about rain on suede again.

Something that'll make you seem clever in the group chat...

Football Manager 2017


You can now get 5% off Football Manager 2017 on Steam, providing you bought FM 2016 back in the day.

Own FM 2016 and FM 2015? You can get swing 10%.  Own FM 2014 too? 15% off. Provided you've got every previous FM going back to Football Manager 2013, you could find yourself picking up very sweet 20% discount.

Spread the word, tell the group chat. Ruin your lives with FM all at the same time.

Something we highly recommend...


Stranger Things has now been out for a month.

So let's talk free and honestly about who the best characters are.

Remember: we are talking freely and honestly here.

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