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29th Aug 2019

Introducing American rapper Hobo Johnson to a Full English breakfast


How does the Full English stack up for American rapper Hobo Johnson?

“You guys have ham…we have bacon!” Just like the breakfast this interview got heated about the intricacies of the classic Full English.

We took American Rapper Hobo Johnson out for breakfast in London to see how it measures up. Before the food even arrives there’s visible confusion as to the nature of the mysterious brown sauce.

Described as brown gloop by our own Kyle Picknell, Hobo – real name Frank Lopes Jr. – can only associate it to Worcestershire sauce, giving the pronunciation a commendable go. After a quick taste test it seems to get a pass, if not with flying colours.

The works arrive, a sausage, tomatoes, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, toast but crucially only a single egg. Two eggs are customary practice in America according to Johnson, any less is sacrilege.

Johnson reaffirms that British “ham” doesn’t compare to American bacon, a divisive opinion if ever there was one. On top of this the beans aren’t to his taste either, so not an overwhelmingly positive start.

The highlights for Johnson were the hash browns and the ‘banger’. The etiquette of calling a sausage a ‘banger’ only if it’s served with mash is quickly cleared up and we move on to the most British aspect of the meal.

“The tea I think perfectly complements this breakfast” proving what every British person already knew, that tea is the quintessential breakfast beverage.

So, what’s the verdict overall? “It’s a lot of shit to eat in one meal, and first thing in the morning […] but it’s good, I think it’s really good.” Despite the differences in the cuts of meat, the condiments and the number of eggs it seems a Full English can still make it across the pond.