The iconic Nokia game Snake is back for you to play on your smartphone 4 years ago

The iconic Nokia game Snake is back for you to play on your smartphone

Nostalgia overload for anyone that had a retro Nokia

The invention of penicillin. Man landing on the moon. Snake II allowing you to move between the walls.


All great moments in the history of mankind and for people of a certain age, it's very likely that they still have the thumbs of an 80-year-old after spending hours upon hours chasing those dots/food.

Well, given that we're living in an era where everything is rebooted/relaunched/reimagined, it was inevitable that the iconic game was going to return and Snake is back but the retro classic has a very different bite.

The new version is going to be very different because it's embracing the AR capabilities of Facebook.


Essentially, users can now become the snake by employing their phone's front-facing lens and Facebook’s Camera feature.

You’ll now be able to see yourself turned into a snake using Snapchat-esque filters, before moving around the real world to capture apples that are overlaid in real life via AR.

Basically, you'll look like a massive eejit but it could be good fun.


Christ, whatever you do, don't walk into those walls!

Pekka Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of HMD Global said: ‘The world famous game snaked its way back into people’s hearts in 2017 when we announced Snake for Facebook Messenger. ‘It was designed for a new social generation; fans could invite friends to play and share scores making it even more playable than first time round. This was the first time in Snake’s history that it went onto a universal channel, rather than a device preload, and it gained 121 million players around the world."

Players will also be able to stream any footage of them playing the game on their timeline. Now that would be a laugh.

To play the game, here are the following steps.


1) If you've got an updated version of the Facebook app, open it.

2) Click the camera Icon top left to open Facebook Camera.

3) Scroll to the Snake Mask.

4) Start playing.