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20th Jun 2018

Holly Willoughby rinses Adam from Love Island

Power to the Schofe


Power to the Schofe

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have had their say on Adam Collard’s behaviour on Love Island, when he dumped Rosie and opted for Zara.

The This Morning hosts hammered Adam’s decision, which was described has “disgusting” and “manipulative” by people on Twitter, after he blamed Rosie for it.

Holly said: “What I don’t like is he didn’t even face it and say ‘look, my head might have been turned’ – just be a bit more open. Smirking is just not good.

“And making her feel like she’s just kind of… as if she’s going mad and it’s like a nightmare, ‘thank God I got rid of her.’ I hate that.”

Phil said: “In the real world, he could see a girl on a Friday night in a club and then on Saturday night go to another club and see another girl and nobody would know.

“They’re all living under the same roof, they all know what he’s like. So if you don’t like it, don’t get involved.”

Power to the Schofe.