God Of War fans are freaking out at this hidden Avengers: Infinity War connection 4 years ago

God Of War fans are freaking out at this hidden Avengers: Infinity War connection

This is actually all kinds of cool.

It isn't every day that you discover that the most popular movie of the year (Avengers: Infinity War) and the most popular video-game of the year (God Of War) have some kind of cross-pollination easter egg business going on, but here we are.


When playing God Of War, if you complete the Sindri’s Family Business quest, you'll be rewarded with the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, which is described in-game thusly:

"An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms."

That... sound familiar, no?


We can actually go one step further, as the Gauntlet has three sockets which allow you to choose from six enchantments, and those enchantments also remind us of a certain series of stones...

  • Andvari’s Soul - Soul Stone
  • Njord’s Temporal Stone - Time Stone
  • Eye of the Outer Realm - Space Stone
  • Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind - Mind Stone
  • Asgard’s Shard of Existence - Reality Stone
  • Muspelheim Eye of Power - Power Stone

If you place the enchantments inside the Gauntlet, well... this happens:


Yep, if you play your cards right, you can essentially turn Kratos into Thanos.

Considering Sony has no real times to Marvel, and God Of War doesn't really have any relation to the Marvel Universe, it still seems pretty cool that they'd drop in such a cool little surprise for fans, especially when you take into account that the God Of War game came out a week before the movie did.

A very clever way to get some replay value.

And fans are appropriately freaking out: