GMB star Alex Beresford 'bedridden' with covid 1 month ago

GMB star Alex Beresford 'bedridden' with covid

'I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine'

Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford has revealed that he is "bedridden" with covid-19.


The 41-year-old shared the news with his followers on social media. In a tweet, he said: "Been in bed since last week with Covid. Feels like a really bad flu.

"I’ve been actively wearing my mask and washing my hands these last few months because I was on projects I couldn’t fall out of, but I know I relaxed up these last 2 weeks and here I am!

"I wouldn’t like to imagine how much worse I would be had I not had the vaccine."

Fans were quick to respond with well wishes and messages of support.


"Get well soon Alex, this is a nasty virus and people need to just follow basic safety measures to keep us all safe," a follower responded.

"I honestly don’t know why some make such a fuss over wearing a mask and having a jab etc. Hope u feel better soon xx [sic]" said another.

"Trusting you feel better soon Alex, a warning to us all this is far from over and we must all be super careful," a third agreed.

"Exactly the same experience. So grateful for the scientists and everyone else involved in production, distribution and administration of the vaccine," one Twitter user said.

Another added: "Hope you feel much better sooner Alex sending hugs speedy recovery x."


The government has announced a raft of new measures, such as compulsory mask wearing in shops and on public transport, to combat the potential threat of the new Omicron variant.

So far, a total of 14 cases of the Omicron variant have been detected in the UK.

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