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26th Dec 2016

George Michael once donated £15k to a complete stranger to pay for her IVF treatment

This shows the generosity of the man.

Paul Moore

This is a lovely story.

As these moving tributes show, it’s clear that George Michael’s music and approach to life was loved and admired by many people. As is the norm with any sad passing, his fans are finding comfort in some of the wonderful acts of compassion and kindness that the singer has showed to others.

Aside from his very funny self-deprecating sense of humour, Michael was known for various acts of kindness and decency, however he didn’t publicise any of them.

TV host Richard Osman was the former executive producer of Deal Or No Deal and he has shared a lovely story about George Michael’s generosity. The fact that it has been shared by over 26,000 people is a sign that it seems to have helped some people that are still mourning the loss of the talented singer.

Osman stated that there once was a contestant on the show that was hoping to raise £15k for IVF treatment, but sadly for this lady, she fell short of reaching the target.

George Michael, who had been watching at home, decided to step in with this remarkable act of kindness and generosity.