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30th Apr 2019

Maisie Williams has perfect social media reaction to moment Arya killed the Night King


She posted a video to Instagram featuring Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Starka

So there we have it then, the latest episode of Game of Thrones means that after eight seasons and hours of Jon Snow’s on-screen panic, the Night King is finally dead.

The long awaited events has caused tides of emotions at homes and bars across the world, and while we might still be analysing what exactly went down, it’s fair to say the shock of the twist will be part of the show’s folklore for years to come.

It’s now predicted that Arya will go on to kill another key character in the show, but while fan wait for next week to see what transpires, in the mean time they can enjoy the brilliant reaction of actor Maisie Williams to the moment on Instagram.

Following the episode, the British 22-year-old actor posted a video of her co-star Sophie Turner singing “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, alongside  a photo of the Night King. Which comes after Turner posted her own reaction to the Gendry / Arya sex scene the week before.

Watch the new video from Williams here: