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12th Oct 2018

The first look at Idris Elba in The Fast and The Furious spin-off is here

Wil Jones

He is playing the bad guy

The Rock and Jason Statham are making a spin-off from The Fast and The Furious movies, where Hobbs and Shaw, their characters from the series, team up. And it is going to be the best movie ever made.

Of course, there is a clear difficulty here, in that who on earth could portray such an evil villain that it would take the combined might of The Stath and The Rock?

The answer, obviously, is Idris Elba. Yes, the man who brought life to Stringer Bell, Luther, and whatever the name of the guy in Pacific Rim was called, is entering the world of The Fast and The Furious.

The Rock has shared the first image of Idris Elba in the movie on his Instagram, and he looks kinda like a Power Ranger. In a good way though.

In what might be a nod to his (and Jason Statham’s) London roots, Elba’s character is called Brixton, and according to The Rock’s post, he is “Undefeated” and promises the “showdown of all showdowns”, whatever that means.