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29th Oct 2020

David Bowie biopic trailer branded ‘cringe-inducing’ and ‘dreadful’ by fans

Wil Jones

“It’s just a guy wearing a Halloween costume of David Bowie”

The trailer for the upcoming David Bowie movie Stardust was released on Wednesday, and it has not gone down well with the late singer’s fans.

Stardust stars Johnny Flynn as a young Bowie, and the film will focus on his creation of the iconic Ziggy Stardust persona.

US comic Marc Maron plays his US publicist Ron Oberman, with The Hunger Games‘ Jena Malone appearing as his first wife Angie Bowie.

However, fans have not reacted well at all to their first look at the film.

“This guy looks nothing like Bowie. It’s just a guy wearing a Halloween costume of David Bowie,” said one fan on Twitter.

“How do you make Bowie look boring and cringe-inducing?!!” added another, with a third saying “Looks dreadful and his voice is all wrong.”

One thing noticeably missing from the trailer was any of David Bowie’s music. The filmmakers of Stardust could not get the rights to any of Bowie’s songs, which means it is missing a massive component of his story.

Other fans pointed out that as well as a musician, David Bowie was a tremendous actor in his own right, giving memorable performances in movies like Labyrinth, The Prestige and The Man Who Fell To Earth – which makes Johnny Flynn’s job of portraying him on-screen even harder.

Stardust is released in the US on November 25th, 2020, but doesn’t currently have a UK release date.