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24th Jun 2018

Everyone’s got the same take about Alex and Ellie on Love Island tonight

People aren't convinced at all

Wayne Farry

It was hard to ignore this

There was a mix of delight and relief on Love Island when Alex, the hitherto loveless doctor, met new girl Ellie.

The Geordie, who entered the show last week alongside government worker Zara, seemed to hit it off pretty quickly with Alex, especially after it became clear that Wes was happy with Laura.

As such, it was no surprise when, during Friday’s recoupling, Alex chose Ellie over his previous partner on the show, Samira.

However, that happiness quickly turned to suspicion among viewers when on Sunday’s show we were shown the first conversation between Dr. Alex and his new bed mate.

During the conversation, Alex told Ellie that he was extremely happy to have found someone, as well as being relieved that Samira had been chosen by the house’s newest male Sam.

Viewers however couldn’t help but notice that Ellie’s body language wasn’t quite as strong as Alex’s, something which was not helped by the fact that they essentially shared separate blankets, despite sleeping in the same bed.

The conclusion? Well, see for yourself, but the consensus is best described as “universal”.