Euphoria: Seven things you need to know for Season 2 3 months ago

Euphoria: Seven things you need to know for Season 2

The hit show is back on our screens - here's your recap from the first season.

Warning: contains spoilers, obviously!


The new season of Euphoria is upon us! After production for Season 2 was delayed due to the pandemic, fans of the show have been waiting for their questions from the Season 1 finale to be answered. 

So, before you dive into Season 2, here are the seven most crucial moments from Season 1 to jog your memory. 

Rue threatened Nate, telling him to leave Jules and Fez alone. 


After Nate catfished Jules, pretending to be Tyler (aka ShyGuy118), he warned her to leave his family alone. Nate then threatened to use Jules' nudes against her, which would get her charged with distribution of child pornography. Cue Rue putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a detective style montage. 

She caught Nate outside the Winter Formal, and advised him to leave Fez and Jules alone - warning him that any threats he made to "f*ck up" her life, she could carry out a lot better herself. Oh, and she reminded him of the minor detail that she'll use against him: his dad slept with her underage best friend. 

Fez got raided after Nate called the police on him.

In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we saw Fez warn Nate to leave Rue and Jules alone - a threat which the volatile, egotistical Nate did not take very kindly to.


Nate retaliated by calling the police, who raided Fez’s house. This forced him to flush all the drugs down the toilet and left him indebted to Mouse.

What did Fez (hopefully) learn from this? Don't threaten Nate Jacobs...

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Kat and Ethan finally got together at the Winter Formal.

After months of trying to convince Kat he genuinely liked her, Ethan finally broke her guard down at the Winter Formal with a kiss worthy of a Richard Curtis-style rom-com. 

But, with Kat’s growing popularity as a cam girl, and her own insecurities, fans were left to wonder whether or not this relationship would last during Season 2. 

Cassie aborted her and McKay’s baby.

In an emotional sequence, we saw a tearful Cassie at the hospital getting her abortion after accidentally becoming pregnant with then-boyfriend Christopher McKay.


As the nurse asked Cassie various medical questions, we're reminded of Cassie's mum's depression, and her dad's heroin addiction. The lasting question is whether Cassie will find peace on her own in Season 2.

Maddy found the tape of Cal Jacobs (yep, Nate’s dad’s) sleeping with Jules. 

Fan favourite 'It Girl' Maddy Perez found a neon DVD case lodged in a book in her on-off boyfriend Nate’s bedroom while he was taking a shower. The finale saw her watching it when she got back home. 

If you’ve seen the first episode of season 2, you'll know Maddy may well have some motivation to use this DVD as revenge. 

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Fez went home to find his drug supplier, Mouse, waiting for him, toting a gun.

The terrifying Mouse (remember, the one that forced Rue to try fentanyl?) was waiting for Fez when he returned home - and he knows the police raided him.

Fez gave Mouse the money he owes, but Mouse's money handler noticed blood spatters on one of the notes. The scene closed teetering on a cliffhanger, as Fez's "are we all good?" went unanswered.

Rue changed her mind and stayed behind as Jules left for New York.

Despite plans to run away together, a messy goodbye scene at the train station showed Rue standing on the platform as Jules leaves, signifying the end of their romantic relationship.

At the end of Season 1, Rue disclosed that she blames Jules for her relapse. In Jules' special episode (which aired in between Seasons 1 & 2), the audience learnt that Jules' major apprehension towards Rue's drug addiction stems from her mother's own drug addiction.

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