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20th Jun 2022

Man buying Twitter asks if TikTok is ‘destroying civilisation’

Charlie Herbert

Elon Musk won’t be buying TikTok any time soon. Probably

Elon Musk has wondered whether TikTok is bad for society, asking whether the social media platform is “destroying civilisation.”

The billionaire took to Twitter, the platform he agreed to buy earlier this year, to ask the big question.

He wrote: “Is TikTok destroying society? Some people think so.”

In a follow-up tweet he wondered whether it was actually social media in general that is doing the damage.

It comes after he recently revealed he had started using TikTok, admitting that the app does a “great job of making sure you’re not bored.”


He made the revelation in a meeting with Twitter workers on Thursday, in which he spoke to employees for the first time to lay out his plans for the company.

According to Insider, Musk told Twitter staff that TikTok’s developers had “honed the algorithm to be as engaging as possible.”

But he also said that it felt like “next level” Attention Deficit Disorder and that he found some of the platform’s videos “offensive.”

He was discussing TikTok in an attempt to explain to staff that he does not want Twitter to offer up “boring” content to its users.

Musk also outlined his plans for free speech on Twitter, informing to staff that he wanted people to be “allowed to say what they want” on the platform.

The New York Times reports that the Tesla CEO is fine with people being able to say “pretty outrageous things” on Twitter as long as it doesn’t “violate the law.”

Acknowledging that he didn’t want people to be “harassed or uncomfortable” on the app, Musk said freedom of speech doesn’t mean “freedom of reach,” implying that under his ownership Twitter will potentially focus on limiting how much a tweet is seen as opposed to what is actually in it.

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