Donald Trump is REALLY mad about this Saturday Night Live sketch 5 years ago

Donald Trump is REALLY mad about this Saturday Night Live sketch

The US Presidential election is coming into the final stretch and the tiny, child-sized gloves are coming off.

Things have not been going well for Donald Trump lately as he faces sexual assault allegations from a growing list of women (not to mention the upcoming civil case in which it is alleged that Trump raped a 13-year-old girl in 2008) and has seen his poll numbers drop.


Trump denies the allegations (and also denies the accuracy of the polls), saying it is all part of a massive, media-wide conspiracy against him because he apparently sees no other reason why people might not vote for him.

In particular, the Republican nominee has singled out two pieces of media which he believes show that the election is rigged against him: The New York Times' reporting of those alleging he sexually assaulted them, and Alec Baldwin's satirical portrayal of him on sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Trump is furious with Baldwin's depiction of him as a bumbling, aggressive idiot who appears unable to take any sort of criticism whatsoever.


In order to combat that image of himself, the 70-year-old has launched an angry and incoherent rant against the comedy show.

In particular, Trump appears to have been set off by SNL's parody of the most recent debate. They hit on all the basic notes, from Hillary Clinton's awkwardness to Ken Bone's Ken Boneyness.

But two-time SNL host Trump didn't appreciate being called out for his myriad issues, such as lurking behind Clinton while she spoke or his habit of not finishing his sentences after rambling on and just kind of traili...

Anyway, the last thing he would want you to do is watch the video below. Please don't piss of Donal Trump by watching it.


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