DJ Khaled went full DJ Khaled when his son was born this weekend 5 years ago

DJ Khaled went full DJ Khaled when his son was born this weekend

Congratulations to DJ Khaled and his fiancee Nicole Tuck, who welcomed the birth of their first son this weekend.

The rapper, DJ and producer shared news of his son's birth true DJ Khaled style - by SNAPCHATTING THE ENTIRE THING.


Late on Saturday night, DJ Khaled uploaded a video clip to Snapchat where he was with Nicole in the hospital with a hand on her stomach.

"Dr. my son want to see me," he captioned it as he told his followers on the app, adding: "Doctor, it's go time, right?"


In true DJ Khaled style, he then showed fans the entire birth, as he prayed, looked after Nicole, took photos and, strangely enough, played his latest album, while Nicole gave birth.

DJ Khaled Birth Snapchat

Khaled first told us of his plans to Snapchat the birth way back in June, where he told TV host Jimmy Kimmel. " The key is that I'm the king and every queen should support the king. I'm going to talk to the doctor and if the doctor says everything is gonna run smooth, meaning that we wanna make sure that the queen is right and my son is right. If it's running smooth where I can just do my thing, I'mma Snapchat the whole thing."



And Snapchat DJ Khaled did, crying tears of joy when his son was eventually born. At time of writing, we do not know the name of the new born, but DJ Khaled did share a video showing the doctor putting an ink print of his son's foot on his forearm, which we assume he will turn into a tattoo.

Both Nicole and the baby are said to be in good health, so once again congratulations to them both.

Bless up. All praise to the most high.


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